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Windy Meadows Farm & Fiber Factory
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The Fiber Factory, opened in 2006, utilizes a complete Belfast Mini Mill system to provide custom processing of alpaca and other natural fibers into roving, batts, yarn and felt. The steps in this process include:

Washing – All incoming fleece is washed at The Fiber Factory. Washing the fleece is vitally important and is the only way to insure consistent quality in the final product. The fleece is then air dried on drying racks.

Picking, or opening the fiber – All fiber goes through the picker which opens the individual locks of fiber, and is blown into the adjacent room. Blending with other fibers often begins at this stage.

Conditioning – Since any oils are removed from the fleece during the washing process, specific conditioning agents are placed back onto the fleece to reduce static and improve it’s ability to be spun into yarn. The amount of conditioner is calculated based on the fleece weight after drying.

Fiber Separating or Dehairing – Coarse guard hairs are separated from the fleece in the fiber separater (dehairer) along with vegetable matter and other undesirable material. Fiber separating is included according to the customer's preference, or as needed. Coarse fibers for rugs and insoles are not dehaired due to excessive loss.

Carding – The carder aligns individual strands of fiber, allowing the production of roving or batts. Rovings can be further processed into yarn, wound into center pull bumps of roving, or bagged as loose roving. Batts can be used in this form, or further processed into felt.

Drawframe – Rovings pass through the drawframe two or more times to blend and lengthen. Each successive pass through the drawframe creates a more uniform roving.

Spinning and Plying – To be spun, fiber must be between 2" and 5", due to the physical limitations of the spinner. Single strands of spun fiber are created on the spinner. These “singles” can be of varying thickness, to form fingering weight, sport weight, worsted weight or bulky yarn. The singles from the spinner are then plied together to form 2, 3 or 4 ply yarn.

Finishing – The twist is set in yarn through steaming or washing, and yarn is either left on cones or measured out in skeins. Standard skeins are 200 yards, but may be of any length based on the customer's preference. All skeins are rewashed and air dried as the final step before yarn is returned to the customer.

Felt making – 2'x 4' or 4'x 4' (approximate) needle felted sheets


Custom Fiber Processing Prices

Washing - $6.00 per pound for full wash (fiber that has not been previously washed) and $3.00 for short wash (fiber that has been washed but needs to be rewashed).

Roving or batts - $12.00 per pound, based on weight after washing; includes picking and conditioning, one or two passes through the fiber separator / dehairer as appropriate, and carding. 2 or more color roving (striped, multicolor, etc) - $14/lb. Colors must be bagged separately, and a minimum of 1 lb. per color is required.

Yarn processing - based on weight after washing, includes picking and conditioning, dehairing as appropriate, carding, 2-3 passes through the drawframe, spinning, plying into 2 or 3 ply yarn, and finishing. All yarn charges are in addition to washing.

2 ply sport weight, 2 or 3 ply DK or worsted yarn - $25/pound

3 ply sport, or 2 ply, 2 color or tweed sport weight yarn - $28/pound.

3 ply, 3 color or tweed sport weight yarn - $30/pound.

Needle felt - $25 per pound, based on weight after washing for unstructured, medium weight 2' x 4' (standard size) or 4' x 4' (double size) sheets. $28 per pound plus cost of silk for structured felt (felted onto silk) for sheets approximately 39" wide. Based on weight after washing, includes picking and conditioning, dehairing, carding, needle felting, rewashing, additional needle felting and steaming.

Small batch charges for lots less than 3 lb. - $15 for each lot of yarn and $10 for each lot of roving.

No deposit is required when your fleece arrives at East Valley Alpacas / The Fiber Factory. 2-3 weeks before your fiber is scheduled to go into processing, you will receive an estimate and a deposit of 50% will be requested. Fiber will not be washed until the down payment is received.

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

CLEANLINESS OF INCOMING FLEECE - Skirting fleece is NOT included in the price of processing. The cleaner incoming fleece is, the better your product will be. All twigs, burrs, seed heads, manure, matted or felted areas and any other visible debris should be removed. This requirement applies to all products requested, including insoles. If you leave debris in your fleece, you will have debris in your yarn, roving or felt when returned. If fleece is unskirted or poorly skirted, The Fiber Factory will offer you the choice of paying to have your fiber skirted ($15 per pound) or having the fiber returned to you at your expense.

TIMELY PAYMENT AND PICKUP - Unfortunately, it has become necessary to institute a policy regarding timely payment and pick up. Payment is expected upon completion of work, and orders will not be shipped until paid in full, unless other arrangements have been made in advance. 1.5% interest charge per month will be added after 30 days. Any order not paid for and picked up within 90 days of the original invoice will become the property of East Valley Alpacas, and will be sold to help offset the cost of processing.

Please let me know if you are shipping fleece to The Fiber Factory, so I can notify you when it arrives. Please print out the order form below, and place one completed form in each bag. If you have any questions, please call prior to shipping your fleece. Thank you.
Wendy Dailey, Owner

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